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Who We Are (and aren't)

Glass Pixel is a team of creatives who strive for the best with every single project while always staying on the forefront of design. Nice to meet you!

Who Is

Glass Pixel Creative

The best way to describe Glass Pixel is a creative, young, fresh website design agency in Las Vegas that builds websites designed for the new age. With over 1.6 BILLION live websites around the world, you need to partner with an agency that will help you to stand out in the fast-growing digital age. Your brand is unique, so let’s create something custom and spectacular to wow the internet!

“I want to create an exciting experience to define your brand online”

– Adam Corrao, Founder/Lead Developer

The Agency

Glass Pixel Creative was established in 2016 to bring local and nationwide websites into the new age. You’ll see us mentioning that term “new age” often throughout our website and marketing because the online world is constantly evolving at a rapid, nonstop pace. We work hard to evolve with the online world so we can always provide our clients with stunning websites using the best available practices.

We love working with businesses in all sizes and industries – it keeps things fresh. While we’re based in Las Vegas, we’ve helped businesses all over the country. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a simple landing page or a full-blown 50-page website with kittens coming out of the screen, we can help (ok, maybe not the kitten thing). We’re not one to shy away from a challenge; especially one that will make our agency better.

Let’s build your dream website, grow together, and – most important – put a smile on your face!

The Team

Marci Angeles

Web + Graphic Designer

Adam Corrao

Founder/Creative Director

Tyler Smith

Search Engine Optimization Expert

Cassia Watts

Web Designer

What We Don’t Do

And What We’re Best at

If we’re not being honest, then we’ve failed. We can create some amazing websites,
but it’s important to note what we won’t do.

We’re Strictly Web Designers/Devs

We aren’t a full-service agency that will run your ads, manage social accounts, and so on. We are experts in web design and development, it doesn’t make sense to offer something that we don’t consider ourselves experts in. However, we partner with exceptional businesses that are experts at what they do and can help you reach your goals.

We’re Not Template People

Templates seem like the easy route, but can be over-used and complicated. We want to build you something amazing, which requires us to build your website from scratch. This allows for a truly custom website with a painless development process. Plus, you don’t want to have the same exact design as another company – just ask us about our business card fiasco from our first iteration of business cards.

We’re Not Dirt Cheap; Or Crazy Expensive

Let’s just start by saying that we don’t mean to make our price sound intimidating. We’re not close to being the most expensive agency out there, we just can’t build a mega-website for a few hundred bucks. We are very accommodating in our pricing and we work to help any budget, whether that may be $1,000 or $50,000+.

We’re Not Full Stack Developers

Not all developers are the same. While we are very experienced in code languages and programs used to create powerful websites, we don’t deal with app development or custom programming solutions that typically lie outside of the web development world. We have great connections who can help with that though!