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Our Portfolio

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Take a look at some of our previous work below. Like what you see? Let’s work together!

Hunger Network

What we really love about this project is that this isn’t only a tool for the Hunger Network to expand their reach and gather donations to provide more help, but it’s a fully-functional tool that those in need can utilize to locate food near them, access resources, and contact the Hunger Network directly for assistance.

CoVest Sourcing Network

We developed and designed a new, fully-custom WordPress website with a clean, modern design while maintaining previous design elements that the client liked. Using the theme/page builder, Divi, the site is now easily editable for the client. Then came the security – we locked the website down. Using best practices and top-of-the-line security tools we made CoVest’s website extra secure.

Adventure Child

This was an exciting project for us, especially because we love using Adventure Child to go kayaking on the Colorado River. After having a new logo created they wanted a new website as well to really represent their brand. We created an immersive website to give visitors the feel of being on the river with point-of-view videos, high definition images, and an embedded Instagram feed to be able to view recent adventures. In addition to looking the part, the website plays the part with a direct integration with FareHarbor to allow website visitors to book their trip without even leaving the website.

Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates

Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates is a local affiliate of a non-profit organization called Job’s for America’s Graduates, who’s mission is to help youth with multiple barriers to success complete their education and successfully transition to employment at a livable wage or post-secondary job training. We worked hand-in-hand with another marketing agency to create a modern, clean WordPress website that provides a plethora of valuable information to both participant and employers in an inviting, easy to read format.

Speakeasy Candle Company

Speakeasy Candle Co. is a new company who needed a capable ecommerce website to be able to handle orders of their cocktail-inspired candles, allow customers to book candle making workshops, and provide a backend POS system for their retail location. Using Shopify, we built them a fully-custom online store and website that gives that cozy, exclusive feel of being in a high-end speakeasy.

Buyansky Brothers Landscaping

Glass Pixel worked with the client to design a new, fully-custom WordPress website that represents the Buyansky Brothers Landscaping brand to its fullest. Their new website utilizes a super clean, modern, and easy to navigate website allowing visitors to browse within a comfortable + effortless environment. In addition to a new website, we also designed a new logo for them as well.

Automotive Specialty Services

Automotive Specialty Services has been a long-time client of ours who initially started with our Design Pro plan to maintain their website with consistent edits. Over time, it was realized that a new website was necessary – so we built a brand new, custom, WordPress website for them! Their new website makes it easy for visitors to learn about the company and auto services provided, with a fresh, modern design.

Bernie Kosar

Cleveland Browns legend Bernie Kosar needed a new personal website to showcase his NFL playing career + road leading to it, his current media endeavors, and to be able to sell his branded products. We worked with another marketing agency to bring this website to life. Built in WordPress, Bernie’s website utilizes the Woocommerce plugin to add ecommerce capabilities to the website while providing customers an easy-to-use checkout experience.


Gemvius recently launched a high-end bracelet collection called ‘Gemvius Exclusive.’ They already had a website (which we admittedly didn’t build) and needed a high-end design to go with their high-end products. Gemvius wanted custom, non-templated pages for their Exclusive collection that was an environment separate from their normal bracelet collections. We created beautiful pages for their Exclusive collection, as well as a new homepage, using highly-custom code. A nice feature is that the logo changes based on which collection you’re viewing to really create that “separation” between the collections, even though you’re on the same website.

Zobec Law Firm

Frank Zobec, an attorney in the Cleveland-area, who was using a Yellow Pages website before reaching out to us needed their own website separate from the Yellow Pages platform. They didn’t need much, just a three page website, but we knew it still needed to pack a punch. We built a fully-custom WordPress website providing information about the practice, their areas of practice, and multiple easy ways to reach out to the firm.