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Las Vegas Website Design

Let our friendly team of design-oriented developers create a fully-custom website that matches your business’s goals and packs a punch

Our Bread and Butter

Website Design and Development

Our websites are not only stunning, but are also powerful as hell. We build your site around your visitors so they have a seamless experience, which will result in more conversions for you. Whether your business is in the Las Vegas area or elsewhere, we can design a fully-custom website to meet your needs. Take a look below to check out the features that will be included in your website!


Mobile Responsive


SEO Integration


Social Media Linking


Hosting Setup


Track Project Progress


Free Post-Build Edits

Let’s Talk!

We’re eager to help. Let us know what you need and we’ll hop on a discovery call to create a customized gameplan for you.

Strong User Interface

Our sites are built using an effective user interface that not only gives you a clean design, but also a powerful experience to turn more visitors into customers. We do this by considering the visitor’s journey throughout the website and pointing them in the right direction using strong call to actions.

Truly Custom Design

We’re not a template agency, that’s the easy route. Your business is unique, so why would you use a cookie-cutter website template? Our websites are built from scratch to provide your business a unique, one-of-a-kind design that really showcases your brand. Whatever your website goals may be, they can be accomplished since we have full control in how your website will look, no holds barred.

Best Practices are Practiced

Building a website is a complex task with many pieces involved, from hosting to coding to security to infinity and beyond. We make sure everything is correctly set up in a clean, professional manner. Even when implementing the current best practices, we’re always adapting. The thing with websites is that standards and trends are always changing, that’s why we never stop studying because we want to make sure that you’re in good hands.


Common Questions

How long does it take?

Every website build is different. On average, it takes about 3-6 weeks to build the site from start to finish. The time-frame depends on the size of the site, design complexity, special features, time it takes to receive content, and revisions. We give you access to our project management system so you can track the project status throughout the process.

What is your process like?

One thing that’s important to note is that we keep you in the loop the whole time by requesting your approval after key project milestones, resulting in a smooth website build. This means that we don’t just build the site and send it for approval once it’s complete. This is YOUR site, so if you aren’t satisfied we will make the right changes to make you happy.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing varies based mainly on the number of pages and special features on the site, such as selling products or building a customer portal. Typically, a full website build is between $3,600-6,000. If you are looking for edits only to a current website, we charge $125/hour or you can sign onto our monthly care plan starting at $39/month.

What platforms do you work in?

The three platforms we primarily work in are WordPress, Wix, and Shopify – with certification in all three platforms. We can also perform edits on a HTML based site. Each platform has its advantages. We recommend Wix for simple informational websites, WordPress for more complex/larger informational websites, and Shopify for strictly eCommerce websites. If you’re not sure which platform to use, we will help you figure it out!

Nice to Meet You

Your Website Design Team

We’re a leading web design and development team in Las Vegas building websites designed for the new age. Experienced in WordPress, Wix, and Shopify we can design a stunning website that meets your business needs.